Rollenbahn mit Hubumsetzer
Riemenförderband für Keramikteller
Rollenförderer Reinraum
Muldenförderband Nudeln
Modulförderband Backwaren
Modulförderband Pizza
Förderbänder Waffeln
Gurtförderbänder Schokolade
Förderband für Tabakzigaretten
Bunkerförderer für Tablettenrohre
Förderband Hundefutter

Industry Solutions

sfb offers specific conveyors and customised industry solutions. Numerous companies from all kind of different industries trust in our conveying technology and quality. Each industry sector has specific exigences concerning material, form and flexibility which are met by our conveying systems.

Packing technology: Whether it’s tobacco, drugs, electronics or other goods: sfb offers a variety of conveyors for the packing technology and impress with …(read more)

Food industry: Conveyors for the food industry must meet high requirements in order to comply with strict legal standards. When transporting food with… (read more)

Pharmaceutical industry: The production of pharmaceuticals is closely monitored by the legislator. In the first place, hygiene and cleanliness are …(read more)

Mechanical engineering: In mechanical engineering, it’s all about process optimated system solutions. Conveyors must be customised to the special requirements. Thus, our conveying systems are engineered and manufactured in close contact with the customer.

Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, a trouble-free production process is essential due to its high automation grade. All production steps must …(read more)

Sintered metals technology: As a precondition, the surface of conveyors for sintered metals must be sturdy. Due to individual customisation options, our products guarantee a trouble-free production process.

Carbon technology: In  the carbon technology sector, dust particles can cause problems while transporting goods. Thanks to our innovative and dust resistant conveying solutions, these processes can be run trouble-free.

Glass & ceramic: In dthe glass and ceramic industry, conveying solutions with a smooth running are essential. Single production areas are interlinked with multi-track V-belts and multi-track timing belts.

Tobacco industry: our conveyor are also operated in the tobacco industry. Their pros are their high load capacity and high reliability. Even in adverse conditions with many by.products, a smooth operation is guaranteed.

Each industry sector has specific exigences concerning material,

form and flexibility which are met by our conveying systems.