Hygienic conveyors for the food industry

Conveyors for the food industry must meet high requirements in order to comply with strict legal standards. When transporting food with conveyors, several aspects must be respected. sfb disposes of high expertise regarding sectors demanding high hygienic standards and offers specific conveyors for the transport of food.  The production of food is closely monitored by the legislator. In the first place, hygiene and cleanliness are of vital importance. If in order to transport food fast and efficiently you implement a conveyor, it must meet the standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means, only certain materials are allowed for the production of the conveyor.

Easy to clean without blind spots – sfb conveyors for the food production

sfb Fördertechnik disposes of years of experience and vast know-how and only uses materials without abrasion when manufacturing conveyors for the food industry. Furthermore, all conveyors are designed in a way no blind spots are generated and all components of the machine are easy to clean.  Belts and other accessories can easily be removed, be cleaned and be mounted again. The perfectly configured conveyors for the food industry meet the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.