Bunker Conveyor:

steep batch feeding

Bunker conveyors are widely used for steep-incline conveying. The conveyed material is transported to a required height to existing insertion and sorter machines by the bunker conveyor.  Typical applications for bunker conveyors is the batch feeding of parts like pellets, capsules, sleeves and caps.

Custom-made Bunker Conveyors

The experts from sfb Fördertechnik customise the conveyors according to the applications of the customer in order to optimise the in-house material flow. The funnel is made of stainless steel by default but can be modified after consultation. Typical for sfb Fördertechnik are the numerous options for individualisation like belt and slat types or custom-built special-purpose models. For example, the bunker conveyor can be turned on and off by a level measurement. Furthermore, our bunker conveyors can be equipped with discharge chutes or covers with grips, hinge-joints and safety-switchs.


  • Transport of pellets
  • Transport of gelatine capsules
  • Transport of caps
  • Transport of plastic boxes