Multi-track Conveyors based on timing belts or conveyor belts

Multi-track conveyors are used for a variety of transport tasks. Thus, their design is commonly custom-made for each application. The use of a multi-track conveyor is wise when transporting large and wide goods. Here, the centre of gravity lies narrowly over the belt surface so an end-to-end contact to the conveyor is not necessary. Typical application areas for multi-track conveyors are the glass industry, solar modules or large car body parts.  Due to multi-track conveying systems even angular misalignments in the transport distance can be overcome. Commonly, multi-track conveyors are equipped euther with timing belts or conveyor belts.

Belt conveyor with several tracks

Compared to timing belt conveyors, belt conveyors with several tracks might be a more economical solution. With these solutions, you are also capable to mount all kinds of accessories like stoppers, separators, centring stations, labeling devices or printers.

Multi-track timing belt conveyors

A timing belt conveyor can be adjusted according to the process by setting the tracks. Thus, the user is able to adjust the conveyor regarding certain parameters like stability of the transported goods with different geometries and position them accurately.

High quality multitrack conveyors from sfb Fördertechnik can be equipped with numerous accessories and be connected to a PLC control, light barriers, etc.