Curved Conveyors for the bypass in the continual material flow

Straight transportation tracks are uncommon in industrial companies. Commonly, several horizontal and vertical detours have to be accomplished. The transport of goods in curves is a special challenge in the conveying industry. Depending on the application, different solutions can be applied.

Curved conveyors for rolling capable and difficult transport goods

As well as in straight tracks, rollers can also be applied on curved conveyors. These are powered either by chain from roller to roller or by a round belt running through. Curved roller conveyors are equally apt to transport light and heavy goods. Crucial is the geometry of the goods allowing the transport on curved roller conveyors. A typical area of use is the transportation of boxes and bins.

If not rolling capable goods are to be transported, curved belt conveyors with a sealed surface should be applied. Models like the ITF/KG can easily be designed for curves from 30°-180°.

There also exist 90° curved conveyors consisting of round belts with a smooth run which are commonly used for delicate goods.