Rotary Tables & Buffer Tables for optimal material flow

In mass producing industries with continous processes, disruption on the machines may occur. In the worst case, these interruptions might cause a complete disruption of the material flow so targeted production numbers cannot be achieved. The sfb Fördertechnik solves this problem with high-end rotary and buffer tables.  These are special conveying systems that buffer processes through spatial equalisation of the material flow.  Basically, this buffer acts like a dam. Water can be stored in times of low consumption and be made available when required. 

Ingenious rotary tables from sfb

Rotary tables are predestined for the optimisation of processes with round goods like ball bearings, gear wheels and similar components. Thans to the free space, it is possible to keep the material flow despite a disruption. Furthermore, the operator has the possibility to sort and discharge selectively. 

High quality buffer tables for round products

Buffer tables from sfb basically work like round tables. The difference is that the material flow is buffered through a cross-sectional extension. The models from sfb Fördertechnik are mainly fit for round goods. Bottles and cans can be transported with this high quality and long-lasting conveying systems.