Plastic Link Chain Conveyors for complex transport tasks

Plastic link chain conveyors are conveying systems where the goods are transported on a link chain (modular belt). This conveying technology is widely used for transportation of unit loads and distinguishes itself by its high flexibility. You can not only overcome horizontal but also vertical and curvy transport distances. Thanks to its impressive variability, this conveying system can be applied in numerous industries.

Technical details of link chain conveyors

Link chain conveyors are base on continous or arranged powered link chains (modular belts) made of plastic. These are robust, easy to clean and three-dimensional articulated. Thus, the conveyor can overcome curves and slopes easily. The surface of the modular belt can be completely sealed or permeable in different variations. Thanks to link chain conveyors from sfb Fördertechnik complex production lines with any number of stations can be engineered. Depending on the application, link chains (modular belts) can be customised regarding measurements, surface structure and material thus further customising the conveyor.