Timing Belt Conveyor for high accuracy and fragile goods

Timing belt conveyors are mainly used for their high positioning accuracy and is apt for numerous conveying tasks. Essential areas of operation are assembly lines or refining stations in which the additional devices are positioned between the timing belt tracks. An additional benefit of timing belt conveyors is their high flexibility for which they can easily be adapted to process specific requirements.

High quality timing belt conveyors from sfb

Thanks to decades of experience, sfb offers a wide range of different timing belt conveyors. Besides single track conveyors, there are also models with two or several tracks for difficult conveying tasks. Witha multi-track design, the timing belt conveyor can be equipped with stoppers, separators, centring stations, turning units, labeling stations, printers, lifts, etc.

The sturdy frame is made of aluminium with a lateral T-slot to mount further accessories like cycle control, lateral guides, frequency convertors as well as accessories on cutomer request.