Roller Conveyor with modular design

Depending on the application, the conveying technology applied is either by chain or round belt driven rollers or the principle of gravity with no driven rollers at all. Roller conveyors are commonly used to transport rolling capable goods, whether they are light or heavy. Rolling capable goods are for e.g. boxes, packages or pallets.  An advantage of roller conveyors is their modular design allowing to customise them to the spatial conditions in order to solve complex transportation problems. Even difficult distances with curves can be solved with roller conveyors.

High quality and versatile roller conveyors from sfb

sfb offers roller conveyors in different designs. Besides classic chain-driven roller conveyors, we also manufacture gravity roller conveyors, accumulating roller conveyors and curved roller conveyors. Furthermore, special design clean room roller conveyors are also offered. These meet the high standards of clean room technology and can be delivered in single segments or complete conveying systems.

Regarding drive technology, we differentiate between tangential drive of the whole chain and a separate drive from chain to chain. Gravity roller conveyors don’t require any drive.  Here, the goods roll due to gravity at a certain inclination degree.