Hinged Chain Conveyors for harsh environments

Hinged chain conveyors – also called slat band conveyors – play an important role in the industrial conveying technology due their sturdy, shock-resistant and massive design. With hinged chain conveyors you are able to transport small and large goods like metal components, metal chips or other metal residues even if they are hot, efficiently and economically. Typical areas of application for hinged chain conveyors are diecast, punching or forming technology. Depending on the hinged chain, you cannot only transport straight, but also bypass curves and slopes.

Hinged chain conveyors from sfb – versatile and sturdy

As an expert for high quality conveying technology, sfb offers a wide range of hinged chain conveyors. Our products range from simple conveyors to transport microparts to versatile hinged chain conveyors custom-made for specific applications. All hinged chain conveyors from sfb Fördertechnik distinguish themselves through their flexible applicability and numerous accessories in order to further individualise the conveyor to your requirements.