Sturdy Chain Conveyors for large and heavy goods

Chain conveyors are multi-track conveyors consisiting of single, duplex or triplex roller chains for the transportation of mainly (oily or emulsion coated) metal parts.  Dripping liquids can optionally be collected in a stainless steel bin.

Technical information about chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are powered by one or several chains. The use of multi-track conveyors is common when transporting large and wide parts, since sufficient staibility is ensured due to its low centre of gravity. Furthermore, separating stations and centring prisms with exact positioning devices can be mounted. As an option, workpiece carriers may be mounted as well. Chain conveyors can also be delivered with a complete PLC-solution. This way, the chain conveyor can be adapted to specific processes and be used in a variety of areas effortlessly.