Wire Belt Conveyor for hot goods

Wire belt conveyors differ from other belt conveyors by having a belt made of mesh wire able to withstand temperatures of 200-300°C. Thus, a wire belt conveyor is predestined for exigent heating or drying processes. Due their thermal, chemical and mechanical toughness, wire belt conveyors are prefectly fit to transport hot, oily or sharp goods.

Technical details of wire belt conveyors from sfb Fördertechnik

The wire belt consists of a mesh wire in different variations like flat or round wire link belt, mesh wire belt with wide spirals, round spirals, flat spirals or bars, etc.The make of the belt edge is very variable, like, for e.g., with a welded edge or hollow pin chain. All wire belt conveyors from sfb Fördertechnik distinguish themselves by their very flexible applicability and numerous individualisation possibilities. Through a variety of accessories, you can customise the conveyor to your requirements. Some accessories are, for e.g., supports, laterla guides, knife edges, frequency convertors to regulate the speed and many more.